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Return Policy

All of our jerseys/uniforms are custom-made, made to order when you place your order. If you discover a manufacturing defect in your jersey/uniform, you may return it to us, and we will quickly repair it or remake it — please contact us immediately via email if this occurs.

Please make certain the roster information you give to us is correct. If a jersey/uniform has to be remade due to an error in the information you provide to us, you will have to pay full price to have that jersey/uniform remade.

When you receive your jerseys/uniforms, please count your items immediately. If there is a shortage, please contact us via email immediately. Each order is counted 3 times (independently) before it is shipped to you — we cannot take responsibility for items that are lost or stolen after they are shipped to you.

Contact us for more information about our return policy. We proudly offer our custom sports jerseys for customers throughout the nation.