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About GOTO Uniforms

GOTO Uniforms is a clothing manufacturing company in Dallas, Texas, USA with a focus on sports apparel. Since 2007, we have manufactured sports uniforms for resale by sales/marketing companies. Now for the first time, we are making our uniforms available direct to the public — without the intermediary — at wholesale prices.

All of our uniforms are designed, sublimated, and sewn right here in the center of the USA sports world — Dallas, Texas. All our fabrics are also USA-made with moisture-wicking properties.

All uniform lettering is literally part of the uniform and is not pressed on or stitched on. This gives you a uniform that “fits like a glove” and has lettering that won’t crack, peel off, rip off, or come apart. All lettering is included in the basic uniform price.

Since everything we do is local, your uniform production will take only 2 to 3 weeks from the time you place your order. Our offerings include a wide variety of sports apparel. Check out our collections!

Contact us if you need custom sports uniforms for your team. We proudly offer our custom sports jerseys for customers throughout the nation.